We are Just Enough Global (Scotland) and we live here with YOU on Planet Earth, it is a completely brilliant place it has Haggis! However, a few things need sorting to make it even better. Our mission is to help every child in Scotland in partnership with the Police make sense of the difficult subjects in the world today. 

We are currently focussing on two big issues in Scotland - Modern Day Slavery and Radicalisation.
Our job is to give children a fun and informative workshop based on the subject matter and inspire them to make Scotland and the world a better place.


What do teachers say 

“The activities were varied and engaging. I had no idea of the magnitude of the problem of slavery. Workshops like these are vital to educate people-to bring an end to this tragedy.”

“A very interactive and engaging presentation. Great to see pupils fully involved. The presenter had an excellent rapport with the pupils and they all responded well to this. One of the best workshops I have seen presented in school."

“Brilliant, interactive workshop, the class loved it. Human trafficking isn’t something I’d feel comfortable introducing to the class but after having the workshop, I would definitely use the follow up lessons. A really great workshop on something that isn’t talked about in schools… thank you!”



So far in Scotland we have educated over 3000 children and are recommended by 100% of teachers. We work with Police Scotland very closely to make sure all of our work is completely up to date and relevent for Scotland. 


Write to us to find out more about our work in Scotland or call 0300 999 1833

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Just Enough Scotland charity number SC045458, 

Our Scotland Office, Third Floor, Mirren Court (Three), 123 Renfrew Road, Paisley, PA3 4EA